Teater: Von Krahli Teater
Esimesed etendused olid 30. ja 31. augustil Von Krahli Teatris

Von Krahli Teatri ja Ĺbo Svenska Teatri koostöö

Koreograafia: Saša Pepeljajev
Laval Maria Ahlroth, Jan Korander, Jan-Christina Söderholm

Valgus Ainu Palmu
Heli Niklas Ekman & Roger Wanamo
Produtsent Jan Korander (Ĺbo Svenska Teater)

Fragments from the IDIOTHELLO lecture:

"Highly respected spectators. Right now is the moment to start our shocking and surprising mixture of the two world-famous tragedies, Idiot by Fjodor Dostojevski and...
Othello by William Shakespeare. Have you prepared yourselves for this challenging and breathtaking journey? Well, if you havn´t, we don't care, but we hereby announce that we...
will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage of your psycho- identity. Davai. Pojehal.

Having been moved and touched by both books and in order to crystallize the essence of the two masterpieces, we decided to simply mix and shake them into one. The result is, Idiothello.
One might probably wonder what mazafuckers they are, mixing these two books, which are so far from each other. Well, we have a few answers to this idiotic question. First of all both authors had beards...


If we carefully observe both books, we can find some extraordinary geometrical coincidences in them. In neither there are circles nor squares, but what we can find in both are triangles. If you look at a triangle from one side it looks and is the most stable structure...
on the planet, imagine the sky-high pyramids in Egypt in front of you. Oh so stable! But try to imagine a triangle upside down, aha, very unstable and it will crash.
In both books one point of the triangle is killed by another point of the triangle. This fatal and passionately dangerous pattern is also known as "triangle d'amour". Davai!

As you probably remember, our lecture earlier ended up in the analysis of triangles. Now, imagine you are lost out on the open sea. You are scared and nearly collapsing but all you need to do, in order... to navigate your position, is to find two solid points, like stars or some other things, and through simple mathematical calculations you will find your coordinates, and be safe. So don't be afraid. Just open your eyes and let your selves slip into the awareness of the solid points, and remember, to build your self towards being a located and happy person, you should create triangles in your surroundings!"

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