Endla Theatre

Address: Pärnu, 80010, Keskväljak 1
Phone: (+372) 4420666; (+372) 4420667
E-mail: teater@endla.ee
Website: www.endla.ee

Estonian-language theatre activity in the southwestern seaport and summer resort Pärnu began in 1875, when the amateur singing and acting society Endla, named after a picturesque and legend-woven lake in central Estonia, was founded. In 1911 it turned into a professional theatre and erected an Art Nouveau building in the centre of the city. From its balcony in February 1918 the new Estonian Republic was first proclaimed. During World War II the building suffered serious damage and was finally demolished.

In the intervening years the company worked in temporary rooms. In 1967 it got a new building, which in 2001 was substantially renovated. It has a 565-seat big auditorium and a 150-seat black-box-type small stage called "Küün". For decades the theatre has had one of the ablest acting companies in the country. The repertoire comprises dramas, comedies, and occasional musicals. From 1968 onwards the theatre has also had a regular summer season, taking advantage of the popularity of Pärnu in that time of the year.

For the last couple of seasons the summer performances have included special open-air productions in or near Pärnu. Usually around 300 performances are given in a year. At present the theatre is led by the artistic director Tiit Palu and the managing director Ain Roost. The troupe consists of 17 actors and 2 stage directors.

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